Chris Swecker on an inside look at how these attacks happen.

Former FBI Assistant Director and criminal prosecutor, Chris Swecker, provides an insider’s look into today’s modern financial criminal organizations; how they operate, and why it so difficult to find and prosecute them. Large companies continue experience huge dollar losses as a result of financial crimes and fraud schemes, while financial crime networks continue to increase in number and sophistication. In this video, Chris explains why the current tactics used to thwart these crimes are not effective. Watch this video to learn the proactive approach Chris suggested is needed to identify and mitigate networked and collusive fraud activity.

Chris Swecker
Former FBI Agent
Chris Swecker has spent 30 years fighting and protecting organizations against financial crimes. As a former head of the FBI’s Criminal Division, he led all FBI criminal investigations including public corruption, money laundering, organized crime and financial crime matters. As Bank of America’s global security chief, Chris led the bank’s $250 million dollar security operation, reducing global fraud losses across the organization by $50 million dollars, armed bank robberies by 50% and virtually eliminating ATM thefts.
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